Travel Study

    Project Description and Consent Form for Participation

    1. The University of Idaho Institutional Review Board has approved this project. 2. The purpose of this study is to use GPS (global positioning system) information to better understand travel patterns and create tools that planners can use to improve transportation. 3. A weblink for the Android app will be provided when you complete this consent form. -The app will collect GPS and Bluetooth information once it is installed (the app runs “in the background” and will not interfere with normal operation). We will only store and analyze information collected during the study period October 8-11. -You do not need to do anything special or different. We ask you to simply carry your Android device with you as much as conveniently possible. -On October 11, 2013 you will receive an email notifying you to uninstall the app. 4. Our app is for research purposes only and not available on Google Play (Android Market), therefore it can only be installed as an “unknown source.” To allow your device to install our app, you will need to allow unknown sources. Our app ONLY collects GPS and Bluetooth information. The default warning advises against similar apps that collect data about email, phone calls, text messages, etc. Our app does NOT collect other data. For more information: 5. We take every precaution to keep your GPS and Bluetooth information private; including storing the data on a secure, password-protected database and deleting your email as soon as we can verify that the data was collected properly (we only collect your email to award the $50 raffle prize). Your identity will remain anonymous. Nevertheless, there is minimal risk that your information could be accessed unintentionally. Therefore, if there is any travel that you do not want us to track then, you should either (1) not participate in the study, (2) uninstall the app to withdraw from the study, (3) turn off your Android device, or (4) not carry your Android device with you. 6. You may experience decreased battery life as a result of installing our app. We recommend carrying your charger with you and recharging your device frequently until the completion of this study. 7. You may withdraw from the study at any time. To withdraw, uninstall the app. You do not need to notify us if you decide to withdraw. Your participation is voluntary. Full participation (October 8-11) is required to be eligible for the $50 raffle drawing. 8. The information gained from this study will help us understand how people travel and design tools that engineers and planners can use to provide society more effective transportation alternatives, such as traveling by bicycle, walking, or taking the bus. 9. The app used in this study is the property of the University of Idaho. Modifying, altering, or tampering with the app in any way is a criminal offense. 10. If you have any questions about this study, please feel free to contact us at any time before, during, or after the study. Mike Lowry University of Idaho Department of Civil Engineering Ph. 208-885-0139
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