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Write a positive article, post or blog about WisePass ICO and earn PASS. You can use whatever platform you prefer: article on Medium, Facebook/LinkedIn post, Steemit, you name it. Content must be unique and will require approval from WisePass in order to get rewards. Articles must be minimum 400 words long and posts at least 220 words. Content should link to ico.wisepass.co and include at least one of those tags: #WisePass #WisePassICO #ICO #Tokensale. Rewards will be given depending on the quality of the content and extra rewards will be given based on the total reach achieved at the end of the campaign. (Reach is measured in views/likes)

We will treat your data in respect of international laws for data Protection and Privacy (eg. GDPR):
- We won’t use your email address for a different purpose
- Your email address will not be displayed publicly
- We won’t sell your data to third parties
- We will respect your data rights, so you can ask to update and delete you data anytime.

If you are from Singapore, you will need to pass the KYC in order to receive the rewards

Need help? Join our Telegram support channel https://t.me/wisepass_bounty or email ico@wisepass.co

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