Work and Wage Survey
Canadian Cannabis at Work
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NEW: What city do you work/live in? If you would rather not say, please respond with 'NA" (Why we are asking: This is for regional considerations such as housing costs, transit, Living Wage Ontario estimates, etc) *
How old are you? *
Are you a part time or full time worker? *
What was/is your hourly or annual wage? *
Would you consider this a living wage or fair compensation for your time and labour? *
What sector do/have you work(ed) in? Check all that apply. *
Do you have any children or dependents? *
Do you or your dependent manage a condition that requires a prescription, therapy or treatment?
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Does your employer offer health benefits? Ex. drug plan, vision/dental? *
How long have you worked in cannabis?
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Have you worked at multiple retailers or LPs?
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For brand reps, brand leads, territory managers: Does your employer compensate/reimburse you for all of your out of pocket costs? (Travel, meals, lodging, buybacks, samples etc)
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Do you feel that you and your colleagues recieve adequate training and PK?
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How do you test product? Check all that apply.
What best describes your position? (Check all that apply) *
Do you have any say or participation  in your scheduling? *
Has your employer provided PPE and followed all mandated covid protocols re: masks, paid sick days, limited capacity etc? *
Were you and your colleagues accommodated for voting in the 2021 election? *
Have you experienced a reduction in hours, pay or added responsibilities without compensation since March 2020? Check all that apply. *
Have you or anyone you work with experienced discrimination on the basis of race, disability, religion, gender or harassment by the employer?
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Has your workplace experienced ongoing issues with electrical, plumbing or infrastructure?
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Do you recieve sick days? *
Budtenders: Has your store experienced: robbery, threats, harassment, or violence or any kind?
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Do you have a health and safety committee or rep? *
Are you unionized?
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Is your employer owned by a large parent company or independent? *
Is everyone getting their break periods as mandated by the Employment Standards Act? *
Are you paid overtime? *
Do you and your colleagues feel comfortable bringing up issues at work with your employer? *
Has your employer made you feel supported and safe throughout the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic?
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Do you feel valued at work? *
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