Art Club - Ambassador Application
Community engagement and happiness is one of AC priorities, and we are always looking for new Ambassadors to help us come up with cool events, keep chats active, and represent the community online and outside of AC. If you are currently an active member who wants to contribute more to the community but is uncertain of the time requirements, then Ambassador is the perfect position for you!
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Position Description
Before considering a position on the team you must be an active member within the Art Club community. To be a server staff you must have basic knowledge of server functionality. Upon submitting your application you will be watched for activity, helpfulness and engagement with community members. You must meet the requirements below before being considered.

- Be active on the server at least 5 days of the week.
- Come up with new events and challenges to host in the server.
- Help write language for new events and activities.
- Help draft the monthly prompt list.
- Engage in chats.

- Be outgoing and enthusiastic.
- Be comfortable chatting in vc and text channels.
- Be committed to promoting community spirit.
- Be comfortable meeting occasional deadlines.
- Be comfortable working in a team.
- No infractions
- Age 16+ average. This is normally based off your maturity level.

Make sure this overall application is under 1500 characters.

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If chosen, what would you bring to the community? *
List 3 things that make Art Club different from other communities. *
List 5 skills you have that will benefit the role. *
List 3 things that need change within Art Club. *
Next Steps
All those considered will be contacted directly and will be requested to have a voice channel interview with some of the current staff. Please do not submit multiple applications. We keep your application on file for future positions. The voice channel interview is set up so the staff can understand your goals prior to being added to the team.
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