How is your business responding to the impacts of COVID-19?
Let's take care of each other! Lowcountry Local First is organizing a list of ways our local businesses are pivoting their service offerings due to the impacts of COVID-19. We are dedicating our "airwaves" to this messaging until things improve.

Tell us what you are doing to help get your products or services safely to your customers. Perhaps you offer delivery or online shipping, curb-side service, extra in-store precautions, FaceTime shopping, gift cards, etc.

Let us know, so we can help let our community know!
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Which of the following services is your business now offering?
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Do you currently have hourly employees?
If you do have hourly employees, do you anticipate having to let any go due to COVID-19 impacts?
Has your business' revenue been impacted by COVID-19 at this point?
What one thing can Lowcountry Local First do to help your business right now?
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What one thing can your local or state government do to help your business right now?
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If our local media partners were to offer you discounted advertising options (digital and print), would you take advantage of them?
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