SciShow Script Editor Application
We’re seeking an experienced full-time editor to contribute to SciShow, one of YouTube’s most viewed and trusted sources of science information.

About Us
SciShow is a channel produced by Complexly, a digital production company founded by Hank and John Green that focuses on creating quality and comprehensive educational content. SciShow videos cover everything from what dinosaurs tasted like to the light spectrum of antimatter. We look for the most fascinating stories out there, and we share them with viewers who are as passionate about science as we are. We talk to people with intelligence, clarity, hopefully a little wit, and most of all, an abiding sense of wonder about the universe.
For more information on Complexly and SciShow, visit:

Job Title: Script Editor
Status: Full-time, Exempt
Reports to: Chief Content Officer
Starting Salary: $35,000-$45,000; dependent on experience
Location: Remote in USA (Missoula, MT preferred)

Core Responsibilities include:
- Editing several scripts per week
- Pitching ideas for 500 to 2000-word scripts
- Assigning scripts to freelance writers
- Fact checking scripts to ensure 100% bullet-proof accuracy
- Occasionally writing scripts
- Maintaining overall channel and company brand
- Being thoughtful and kind

Ideal applicants will meet the following qualifications:
- An academic background in a scientific discipline
- Experience editing science writing for a popular, non-academic audience
- Familiarity with editing someone else's words in order to maintain an overall channel voice
- Experience finding and developing captivating narratives around scientific information
- Understanding of online media and YouTube
- Awareness of enticing titles without creating clickbait

Your work must be:
- Accurate and efficient with information
- Thoughtful and fascinating in narrative
- Witty in tone and voice
- Passionate about imparting hard science to humanity

If your experience hits these marks, then prove it!

Fill out and submit this application by April 28, 2019.

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