Building CCD's Digital Home
Greetings Fellows and Conscious Cities supporters!

The challenge of building a unique digital home for the Centre for Conscious Design is extensive and engaging.

Our new website, Interspace (IS), will be a digital embodiment of Conscious Design. A unique place for Fellows and site users to explore, engage with, and actively build the Conscious Cities movement, together. An immersive platform with new tools that will transform the way we ideate, iterate, create, communicate and collaborate across the globe.

Over the last few months we have been designing and building the website and are close to first milestone - the beta release of the new website in May.

We invite you all to participate and contribute to this journey as you see fit.
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More about Wave and Website Development
We are surfing the 'Wave' of our aspirations to dive into Conscious Design of Digital Interface and Enactive technology, and Artificial Intelligence. As an initiative, Wave will propagate the cross-pollination of technical advancements in human-space-machine interaction, learning, evolution, and their implementation in the built environment.

CCD Wave's First project? THE WEBSITE, of course!
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