SASS - Member/Volunteer Interest Survey
This is a survey for anyone who may be interested in becoming a member of the South African Secular Society. We would like to gauge what such a membership would entail and what you as a potential member would like and find productive.
Email address
Organisational activities
Please rate the potential value of organisational activities from "not valuable" to "extremely valuable" according to you .
Serving in a leadership role
Representing Secular values in media (pamphlets, billboards etc..)
Challenging religious privilege in the education system
Social meet ups
Secular officiants for weddings, "christenings" and funerals.
A secular podcast (internet radio show)
Educational material and events for members
Production of YouTube videos
Social media presence and commentary e.g. responding to tweets
A help line for people with religious doubts
Input on government policy/regulations that affect secular citizens)
Keeping a database of secular therapists and therapy institutions
Educational events for kids (museum visits, outings etc)
Secular support groups (e.g. addiction support groups)
Legal support for non-religious people facing discrimination?
Engaging in charity work (blood drives, helping disaster victims and the less fortunate)
Promoting science in the public sphere with regard to issues like vaccines and climate change.
Are you interested in becoming a member of the organisation
Are you interested in volunteering?
Membership Fees
In order for us to increase our footprint and run an effective organisation, we are considering the option of membership fees to help us in this regard.
On a monthly basis, what membership fee would you be willing to pay?
How often would you prefer to pay your membership fee?
Membership fee increases should be based on...
As a paying member, what benefits would you expect to receive as opposed to non-paying supporters?
Do you have any thoughts or suggestions you would like to add?
Personal Information
We promise to keep your information safe and will only send communications if you opt in.
Name & Surname
E-mail Address
Would you like to receive occasional correspondence from us (opt in)?
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