K-2 Standard Based Report Card Parent Feedback
Please complete the below feedback survey to help guide us.
To what degree do you feel that the K-2 report card gives an accurate picture of your child's academic progress? *
Does the updated Mastery Grading scale clearly represent your child's academic growth toward end-of-grade standards? *
Do you feel that this new report card provides more detailed information about what your child is able to do? *
After reviewing the parent brochure about the new Standards-Based Report Card, do you feel that parents will have a clear understanding of the changes (mastery grading toward end-of-year standards)? *
What weaknesses (if any) do you see in the new K-2 report card?
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What do you see as the benefits of the new K-2 report card?
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Is there any additional feedback you would like to provide?
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