Seattle Select High Academic Fall Tryouts 2018
Thank you for your interest in our Fall/Winter team tryouts. Please fill out this form to register for tryouts.

Boys Team Tryouts Aug 27th and 28th (Monday and Tuesday) at Calvary Church 6801 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA.
5th-6th Boys 6-7pm
7th Grade Boys 7-8pm
8th Grade Boys 8-9pm

Team fees are roughly $200/month

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How did you hear about the tryouts? Please let us know if this was recommended by someone so we can express our thanks and gratitude.
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Comments or information about the student-athlete that we should know before tryouts. It helps to know more about the player, conflicts, or what they are looking for in a team/program.
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If you make a team, will you need financial assistance? (there is only a certain amount of financial assistance for each team, so if you are requesting a scholarship you should know there are less positions available) *
There is a one time tryout fee of $5 cash at the door *
Assumption of Risk & Release, Consent for Treatment: Participation in programs sponsored by the Seattle Select Basketball Club and the use of the clubs’ facilities involves potentially hazardous activities such as running, jumping and strenuous exercise, and use of equipment that could lead to serious injury and/or death. I, the undersigned, acknowledge and assume all these risks. In exchange for participation in programs/training and using the club's facilities, I release and agree to hold harmless, the club, their agents, employees, officers, and directors from all injury, death, property damage and expenses, including attorney fees, arising from the participation in the Calvary Church facilities. I, the parent also consent to the above named child being given emergency treatment by staff, physician, EMT, or hospital in case of accident or illness. *
If you have a Social Media handle please let us know. Follow us @seattleselecthighacademic
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