Immigration Inventory
First Congregational Church of Palo Alto is initiating reflection and planning about how we would like to support the immigration reform and sanctuary movement. This form allows church members and friends to offer specific ways that they would like to be involved. At this point we're assessing overall interest and whether we have enough resources to support a family on our own (if that's of interest) or we would be better off joining forces with other faith groups to do so, or we want to focus on areas other than direct support of immigrants in the Palo Alto area. Making an offer here is non-binding: you'll have the chance to re-consider your offer of time, housing, talent, or resources when we have more context about the specific need.

You are encouraged to review the slides of the "virtual forum" before completing this inventory.
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In terms of the social justice issues that our church could be pursuing, immigration is
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Which of the proposed options do you think we should pursue? (Check all that apply.) [Note: Selection indicates "start that path"--we may decide after learning more that it won't work for us.]
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