Regarding Credit Cards Declined by Stripe
It has come to our attention that certain credit cards are being declined by Stripe when users attempt to sign up, preventing these users from subscribing to Manga Planet Library and futekiya Library.

We aim to offer our services to as many fans as possible and are duly investigating this issue. In order to do so, we are pinpointing the exact types of cards that are being declined with the intention of using this information to work with Stripe to resolve the problem.

We ask users whose credit card has been declined by Stripe to send us the first 6 digits of the card.

These first 6 digits, called the BIN or IIN, only tell us the credit card's type and issuing institution and cannot be used maliciously or to identify users.

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and greatly appreciate your cooperation in solving this problem.

Users concerned with sharing the first 6 digits of their credit card can check the exact information associated with these digits using the link below. (Although the input box asks for 8 digits, inputting only the first 6 digits will suffice.)
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