Alternative Learning Modality Survey
Dear students and parents,

We are living in what we now call as "the new normal." Until the vaccine against COVID-19 is publicly available, we would have to take extra precautions in our activities, especially those that require interaction with other people, which is a possible means of viral transmission.

The Department of Education puts the safety of learners, teachers, and other school personnel at the top of its priorities. Thus, regular face-to-face instruction has to be put on hold until we are sure that it is 100% safe for us to do so. In lieu of the face-to-face instruction, the DepEd is proposing the following modalities:
1. Online Learning (Internet-Based)
2. Modular Learning (Print)
3. Radio-Based Instruction (for Alternative Learning System)
4. Home Schooling (for K to 3 Learners)
5. Face-to-face (Limited number per classroom)

Not all of these modes of learning delivery are applicable for AlSci. In this survey, please choose the learning modality that best suits your condition. Consider the following in making your choice: availability of transportation, equipment, devices, and connectivity.

Survey closes by May 24, 2020.

ANSHS-RSHSXII Administration
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Feel free to share any of your concerns and/or questions. Thank you.
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