Superposition AP Computer Science A Review Session
Join Stephanie (Lead Director), Helena (Partnerships Director) and Shamita (Outreach Director) of the Superposition team this Thursday for an interactive review session of AP Computer Science A. Unlike our previous workshops, this session will be a student-led study group where everyone can ask and answer each other's questions.

We will only be discussing the most requested topics on our sign-up form, not the entire APCS A curriculum. The session will consist of concept review, practice FRQs, breakout discussion sessions, and an open Q&A session, and may extend beyond 6 PM PT based on the number of questions asked.

WHEN | Thursday, May 14th, 5 - 6 PM PDT
WHERE | Zoom

This review session is open to high school students only. Meeting information will be emailed to individuals after registration. Participants who have not registered on this form will not be allowed into the workshop.
Superposition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to bridge the gender gap in tech by empowering young women and non-binary students, and offering them opportunities to explore their passions.(

Though the workshop is completely free, if you have $5 to spare, please consider donating to help get PPE to aid Bay Area healthcare workers facing shortages of essential protective equipment for protecting their lives.(
Stephanie Su and Shamita Gurusu are juniors in high school currently taking AP Computer Science A. Helena Lowe is a junior who took APCS last year. They will be using material from their own APCS courses and College Board to design this review session.

Contact Stephanie Su ( with any questions.
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Units 8-10 of APCS A (2D arrays, inheritance, recursion) are not included in the exam. The test will consist of 2 FRQs: 1 long FRQ about Arrays/ArrayLists, and 1 shorter FRQ about Methods and Control Structures.
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For example, traversing an arrayList, static/non-static, String methods, types of sorting, etc.
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