APPLICATION: Emergency Survival Fund for LGBTQ2S artists, performers & tip-based workers
Glad Day has set up a emergency fund to help LGBTQ2S artists, performers & tip-based workers. This fund is not meant to help people recover lost income.
This is a fund to SWIFTLY HELP LGBTQ2S PEOPLE WHO CANNOT PAY FOR FOOD, MEDICINE, RENT AND NECESSITIES because of the impacts of COVID on their work. We have been overwhelmed with requests - we will help as many people as we can, based on need and our available funds.
NOTE: IF YOU RECEIVE FUNDS ONCE OR IF YOU APPLY AND DO NOT RECEIVE FUNDS YOU CAN APPLY AGAIN IN 14 DAYS. We know that things are changing fast and we want to get funds out quickly, so getting funds once doesn't prevent you from getting funds again.
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What city are you based in ?
What kind of work have you been forced to reduce or stop because of COVID-19? CLICK ALL THAT APPLY:
Have you already received funds from this LGBTQ2S Emergency Fund?
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How much of your income comes from gigs, tips, performances, appearances and other work that is precarious?
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How much of your income have you lost because of COVID-19?
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In the last 8 weeks, have you been employed by anyone who gave you a paycheque with any tax, CPP or EI deductions?
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Do you have any dependants? (click all that apply)
If things continue as they are, how long will it be before things like food, medicine and basic necessities become a challenge?
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Most applicants will receive $100-$200 in swift grants but sometimes more funds are available for unique situations. IF YOU RECEIVE FUNDS NOW, YOU CAN REAPPLY FOR FUNDS AGAIN IN 14 DAYS. Let us know what your need level looks like today.
IF YOU DID NOT NEED TO PAY RENT, how much money would you need in the next 10 days for food, medicine and basic needs?
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IF YOU NEED TO PAY RENT AT THE END OF THE MONTH as well as food and basic supplies, how much money would you need?
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We have some info about the CERB (Canadian Emergency Relief Benefit) here:
The new CERB (Canadian Emergency Relief Benefit) is now available and it provides people $500 a week if they lost income due to COVID. How does that affect you?
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Are you on ODSP, OW or any other provincial 'welfare' or 'disability' program? [You can skip this question]
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Are there other status/legal reasons why you might not be able to get financial support from the government at some point in the next 30 days? For example, if you do not have a SIN number or do not have Permanent Resident or Citizenship status. [You can skip this question]
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Are you still working part-time at a low paying job?
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Are there identity factors that might make getting financial support or new work a challenge? This could include gender identity, race, health, mental health, dependants, status, etc.
We might be able to arrange some free advice and support for you in the future. What kind of expert advice or support would you like? If you click some of these options, we will email you if they become available:
Is there anything else that you would like to share? Please don't feel the need to justify yourself or plead for support. YOU DESERVE SUPPORT. And if we had things like a Basic Income or better social supports then Glad Day wouldn't need to launch a campaign like this. So please don't feel the need to explain yourself. But let us know if there is something that we might not think about when making our decision.
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