Entrepreneurial Marketing in UK Manufacturing SME organisations
This Survey will help Understand how entrepreneurial marketing methods can leverage resource constraints and aid in marketing success and increased competitiveness amongst UK Manufacturing SMEs
Before proceeding do you give consent to the following; "You may withdraw consent before or during the survey but not after the completion of the survey. This is because all answers will remain anonymous and therefore will be impossible to trace back. At the end of this survey, research results will be stored in a password protected file for up to ten years which will then be permanently deleted in line with the University of Portsmouth policy on data collection. No names or any identifiable information will be collected in order to safeguard the anonymity of respondents. The data collected will provide real-life, accurate data for my project that will be used to analyse marketing methods adopted by Small to Medium enterprises (SMEs) within UK Manufacturing and identify constraints faced when marketing within UK Manufacturing." *
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