World Finals Housing Grant Application Form
Creative Opportunities Unlimited (COU) Team World Finals (WF) grants are designed to assist teams in experiencing the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals. A COU grant is intended to supplement efforts of teams to raise sufficient funds to attend World Finals. Funds are extremely limited, and only a small portion of applicants are awarded grants each year. COU grants provide World Finals room and board packages purchased through Creative Competitions, Inc. Only teams electing to stay in official campus housing are eligible. Successful teams will be awarded a variable number of packages, depending on need. These awards carry no cash equivalent.

****Application Guidelines****

+ This form is required for any team, both US and International, wishing to apply to COU for team WF grants.  This form is the only way in which teams may apply for these COU grants.

+ Only teams that are eligible to compete at World Finals may apply for a COU grant. Awards are made to teams, not individuals or associations.

+ Teams must have confirmed their intention of attending World Finals with CCI before applying for a COU grant.

+ All questions on this form must be answered. Incomplete or partial applications will not be considered for funding.

+ Incorrect or false information may result in disqualification of your application.

+ Each TEAM may submit only ONE application. Duplicate applications will not be considered and may result in disqualification.

+ It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide a valid working and monitored email address.

+ Applicants who do not respond in a timely fashion to our questions or requests for information will not be awarded grants.

+ Decisions will be announced periodically throughout the months of March and April, generally about a month after the qualifying tournament.

+ Teams that receive a grant will receive email notification. The CCI registrar will be informed and your account will be adjusted accordingly.

+ No monetary funds will be sent to any team or individual.

****Funding Guidelines****

+ Creative Opportunities Unlimited, Inc. will only consider requests for the World Finals Room/Meals Packages.  Other costs associated with attending World Finals are not eligible for funding.

+ The maximum COU grant request is four (4) packages for US teams, and six (6) for international teams. Be advised that only a small number of the total applications are successful, and that typical awards for those teams given grants are typically less than the maximum allowed.

+ It is very unlikely that teams that have previously received a WF grant from COU will receive another award.

+ Grants may ONLY be requested for team members and a maximum of two coaches who must be registered as team coaches (for this team) on the World Finals team registration form.

+ Funding decisions are the sole right of Creative Opportunities Unlimited, Inc.  A positive decision on funding is not implied by submission of an application.  There is no mechanism for appeal or reconsideration.

****Deadlines for submission****
Tournament Date Application Due Date
March 2 March 16
March 16 March 30
March 23 April 6
March 30 April 13
April 6 April 16
April 13 April 20

No late applications will be accepted.
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