NJCTE Teachers for the Dream Application, 2020-2022 - Deadline October 31, 2020
The New Jersey Council of Teachers of English (NJCTE) seeks to address and support underrepresented teachers of color in New Jersey and within our own organization. The Teachers for the Dream grant, funded with the generous support of NCTE, will help NJCTE support teachers of color within the state and within the leadership of our organization. We also hope that this initiative will help us increase the diversity of our membership overall.

Teachers of color are underrepresented in New Jersey and nationwide. Yet a diverse staff and educational environment is critical to providing high-quality learning for a diverse body of 21st-century student learners.

A Fall 2011 study by the Center for American Progress found that “students of color made up more than 40 percent of the school-age population. In contrast, teachers of color were only 17 percent of the teaching force.” The same study found that students of color make up 48% of students in New Jersey, while teachers of color make up 18% of the teaching force. The disparities are only growing starker. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in Fall 2014 the percentage of students enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools who were White was less than 50 percent (49.5 percent) for the first time and represents a decrease from 58 percent in Fall 2004. To address this educational disparity with dire consequences for students of color, Researchers Saba Bireda and Robin Chait argue for, among other supports, mentoring for new teachers of color. NCTE, and NJCTE, are uniquely positioned to do this work for teachers of English.

In order to support teachers of color and the diversity of NJCTE’s organization, NJCTE's Teachers for the Dream Program is recruiting two teachers of color in elementary, middle, secondary, or postsecondary ELA education.

These two chosen educators will be involved in all levels of NJCTE. We will ask the two teachers to
1. attend NJCTE board meetings
2. present, with the assistance of other board members, their work at one of our NJCTE conferences
3. share, at one of our NJCTE conferences, some of their reflections and experiences from their NCTE attendance

In return, the program will provide
1. 2 year memberships in NJCTE and NCTE for the two teachers
2. conference registration for the teachers for all NJCTE conferences during the two year period
3. travel support to help our two teachers attend NCTE during one of the two years ($500 each)

Program Schedule

The timetable for the NJCTE Dream Program is as follows:

● September-October 2020 – Recruit applicants to the program
● December 2020 – Select and meet (online) with award recipients; teachers will begin to attend online monthly NJCTE board meetings
● January 2021 - Recipients will work with NJCTE board members to submit NJCTE conference proposal (Spring 2021 conference)
● January 2021 – Recipients will work with NJCTE board members to submit NCTE conference proposal (November 2021 convention)
● January/February/March 2021 – Recipients will attend online board meetings
● March 2021 – Recipients will attend, be recognized, and may present at the NJCTE spring conference; recipients will attend NJCTE post-conference board meeting
● April/May/June/July/August/September 2021 – Recipients will attend online board meetings
● October 2021 – Recipients will attend and present work at NJCTE fall conference; recipients will attend NJCTE post-conference board meeting
● November 2021 – Recipients will attend NCTE and potentially present work
● October/November/December 2021– Recipients will attend online board meetings
● January/February/March 2022– Recipients will attend online board meetings
● March 2022 – Recipients will attend NJCTE spring conference and present reflections on NCTE; recipients will attend NJCTE board meeting; recipients may take on board membership at NJCTE and assume leadership roles
● April/May 2022– Recipients will attend online board meetings
● May 2022 - Recipients will attend NJCTE board meeting; final report to NCTE

Email address
I am a
Clear selection
What grade and subject do you currently teach?
What is your current membership status for NJCTE and NCTE? *You do not have be a current member to apply for the program.
Clear selection
I personally identify as a person of color
Clear selection
I live or work in New Jersey
Clear selection
Name of employer or college/university currently attending
If my application is accepted, I will be expected to complete the tasks outlined above throughout the next two years.
Please give a brief statement about the importance of your presence as a teacher of color in your current school and district.
Please share your thoughts about why it is important to increase the number of English and reading teachers of color throughout New Jersey?
Why have you joined (or why would you consider joining) NJCTE? How do you think you might contribute to NJCTE?
Video testimonial (Recommended): Please submit a 2-minute video testimonial in which you introduce yourself and give an overview of your responses to the questions above. Submit your video through FlipGrid: https://flipgrid.com/njctedream2020. If you are having trouble submitting videos, please contact us at njctedream@gmail.com.
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