Staff ISD Teacher Survey
1. I let my students know that the most important thing about school is academic achievement. *
2. Discipline is fair at my school and related to the rules which are broken. *
3. I express to my students that I care about them. *
4. I encourage my student to be responsible and successful. *
5. I treat all my students with respect. *
6. I feel safe at school. *
7. Students at my school are rewarded for academic achievement through special awards, assemblies, displays of student work, etc. *
8. Problems at my school are usually handled promptly and effectively. *
9. My school is neat, clean and well-maintained. *
10. I am willing to listen to parents and make them feel welcome. *
11. It is easy for me to talk with my school principal. *
12. I check my student's homework promptly and return it to them promptly. *
13. I let my students know on a regular basis when they are getting behind in their work. *
14. I provide opportunities for my students to get help from me when needed. *
15. I have high expectations for continuous improvement in learning for all my students. *
16. Our school is doing a good job of teaching the basics like reading, writing, math, science, and social studies/history. *
17. Our school provides an advanced curriculum and instruction for our students to promote college-readiness skills for the future. *
18. My school is well equipped with technology resources to help me teach my classes. *
19. Overall, I believe I work in a good school. *
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