"Tools to Amplify Learning" and "Building Number Sense" with Tammy Oesting
Sunday, February 9, 2020
Knoxville Montessori School
4311 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919

9AM-12 NOON: Tools to Amplify Learning: Research-Based Strategies for the Montessori Guide
Scientific observation is at the heart of Montessori practice and a vital tool that teachers utilize daily to engage their students. Current research reveals the inner workings of the brain and supports what Dr. Montessori identified through her keen observations of the child. Montessori educators who leverage their understanding of the science behind their practices, equipped with research-based teaching strategies, enhance student learning and amplify outcomes. Tapping into each teacher's mission to become a scientist in the field, Tammy Oesting will inspire their spirit and optimize their practice with hands-on, research-based practical strategies loyal to Montessori pedagogy.

1 PM-4 PM: Building Number Sense
Children naturally acquire a mathematical mind and when exposed to specific activities, build a solid foundation for more advanced concepts. Learn new lessons for two to four year olds that precede number rods and coincide with sensorial materials, and amplify your understanding of the development of your students' number sense.

COST: $40/session or $60 for both.

About the Presenter: Tammy Oesting has held positions at every level within Montessori schools and is certified to teach 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12 students. She is a teacher-educator and advisor for multiple training centers, an accomplished public speaker who delivers lectures, workshops, and keynote addresses globally, and a practiced consultant who advises schools and training centers around the world. She and Aaron Oesting run ClassrooMechanics, a Montessori professional development company. Their mission is to increase the impact of and to spread this effective educational method through coaching, training and advising staff, parents, and schools.

Each workshop will provide 3 hours of professional development training, which can count toward the TN Dept. of Education annual training requirement for preschool teachers and assistants.
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