EHCC Career, Community and Capstone Night
The East Haven Chamber of Commerce and the East Haven High School will hold its first EH Chamber Career, Community and Capstone Night on November 15th, from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at the High School. This program is meant to bring the students and Chamber Members together to help the students in their choices for their future. This will be a opportunity for the students to speak with professionals about their occupations. This will also give the student a gateway to professionals to sign up for Capstone Mentors and Internships. You will have a business table and a sign that signifies what programs you will be involved in. We are also looking for Non Profit Organizations to attend so that students can sign up for Community Service.

If you are interested in being a part of this great event please fill out the form below.

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I would be interested in the Meet and Greet portion. This would be talking to students about my profession.
I would be interested in helping students get Community Service Hours
I would be interested in being a Capstone Mentor.The Capstone Experience is a culminating activity that provides a way for students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they acquired during their secondary school years. It engages students in a project/experience that focuses on an interest, career path or academic pursuit that synthesizes classroom study and real-world perspective. High school students are asked to demonstrate their ability to apply key knowledge and skills by planning, completing and presenting a culminating project linked to one or more areas of personal interest and the individual's Student Success Plan. The Capstone Project can be a continuation of a current job or extracurricular activity; however it must build on the existing activity and ‘stretch’ to reach new goals and objectives. The student must reflect active involvement and not merely observing. If the project objective is to learn a new skill or talent, the student must then extend or apply this talent. The key component is demonstrating what has been learned from the capstone experience.
I would be interested in the Internship Program
I would be interested in the CTE Program East Haven High School is in the process of selecting individuals with workplace knowledge and experience to assist in supporting and improving our Career and Technical Education Pathways program. We are seeking advice and assistance from key partners to keep our state-approved programs relevant.We would like to invite you ​to become a member of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Committee, which meets two times a year. The purpose of the advisory committee is to provide assistance and recommendations for the continuous improvement of the CTE programs. At East Haven High school we currently have CTE programs in the areas of food production and management, automotive, personal finance, nurse assistant, video production, wood technology and CNC manufacturing, and building and construction. ​CTE today must align with and fulfill employers’ needs for competent, high-performing employees who enter the workforce with technology expertise and fundamental job-success skills.
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