Remote Learning Survey Families
Dear Westbrook Middle School Students and Families,

As we reflect on our teaching and learning practices while our school was operating in full remote learning mode, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our students and families to share their experiences and suggestions in the event we return to full remote learning mode this year. Also, some of our students continue to participate remotely while schools are in-person. The perspective of our students and families who remain in remote learning mode is also very important to us.

Thank you in advance for your time in completing this survey and your input to help us in future planning. Please complete one survey per child. Survey will be closed on Monday, December 21, 2020.

Kristina J. Martineau, Ed.D.
Superintendent of School

Susan Miller, Ed.D.
Interim Principal, Westbrook Middle School
What grade is your child in?
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I am satisfied with the teaching and learning experiences for my child during remote learning.
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I am satisfied with the social and emotional wellness support my child receives during remote learning.
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What is working? What strategies and activities are in place during remote learning that are working to meet your child's needs?
In terms of the teaching and learning experience, do you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can better support our students during remote learning?
In terms of social and emotional wellness, do you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can better support our students during remote learning?
Is there anything you would like to share regarding the remote learning schedule that will help us to improve the experience for our students?
Does your child feel connected to the school community and in what ways can we strengthen their connection to the school community?
Which statement below described your technology access or experience during remote learning?
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If you indicated that you continue to have technology issues and need support, please consider describing the issue below and leaving your name and phone number so that we can reach out to you to problem-solve your technology needs.
If your child receives services (ELL, 504, or Special Education), are there additional supports you would like us to consider to improve the teaching and learning experience for your child?
If there is anything else you would like to share with us, please share below.
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