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It’s hard to imagine a life without software usage today. When we wake up in the morning we use our digital alarm clock, we make phone calls that are software-controlled, we are constantly connected to a network via our phone or computer, we make road trips based on a digital navigation system, we shop online, download films onto our tablets, we use programmed machines to produce our clothes, interiors, food and other objects. All of the above have been programmed by a developer and since these technologies play such a large role in modern life, we need more people who understand how they work, not only for future job opportunities but also during their current education. Considering the scope of technology in future, We are introducing a highly interactive program for Computer Coding and Robotics for kids. Through this course Students will learn Programming Concepts, Problem solving skills & Engineering Concepts.

Courses Information

Computer Game Making & Programming & Robotics (Year 2 to Year 7)
Course Duration: 8 weeks (once a week)
Class Duration: 60 Minute per class
Course Fee: $200 per term.
Unley Primary School
Lesson Day & Time: Saturday, 10.00 AM to 11.00 PM (Starting from second week of Term 4)

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Computer Game Making & Programming & Robotics
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