MALAYA: Canada Movement for Freedom and Democracy in the Philippines
Are you concerned about the situation in the Philippines? Are you looking for ways to make a positive impact in genuine social change?

We are so appreciative of your interest to participate in building MALAYA Movement Canada. We aim to bring together hundreds of individuals and organizations from different sectors and across Canada to discuss the major issues and concerns of the Filipino people, as well as deepen our unity in our struggle for freedom and democracy. This movement is taking action now to:

STOP the KILLINGS: End Duterte’s war on drugs and on those struggling for change

LIFT MARTIAL LAW in Mindanao immediately

SAY NO to ANOTHER FASCIST DICTATORSHIP in the Philippines: stop the abuse of executive power and curtailment of democratic rights and civil liberties


STAND for DEMOCRACY: pursue political, economic, and social reforms that benefit the majority of ordinary Filipinos and promote genuine sustainable development in the Philippines

DEFEND SOVEREIGNTY: against any foreign domination

By signing below I am joining as a MEMBER of MALAYA!
As a Member I will:
- Help plan and participate in actions and activities of MALAYA
- Join an email list serve to receive updates on the issues of MALAYA’s concern, including human rights, dictatorship, charter change, martial law, etc.

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