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Basic Policy & Process
Pawsitive Action was established in 2008 and began placing assistance dogs with veterans and individuals with limited abilities in 2013. Clients will remain in good standing by participating in ongoing training opportunities and successfully progressing and/or renewing their full access certification. Pawsitive Action makes no promises to the placement or selection of any individual who has applied for a PAF Assistance Dog. We work with everyone on a case-by-case basis but do not train dogs for hearing, sight or diabetic alert. Due to funding and grant restrictions, the needs of the individual applicants and the intense training required of a fully-trained assistance dog, only a limited number of PAF dogs are placed each year. Please understand and respect that Pawsitive Action is a family-friendly environment. *
DRUG AND ALCOHOL: No illegal drugs are permitted on the property, nor shall those under the influence be allowed to remain on the premises. We reserve the right to remove and ban any person violating this policy. Alcohol, unless served by Pawsitive Action for some event, may not be carried on one’s body, nor consumed on site. No excess of drinking or drunkenness will be tolerated on the premises. *
In addition to this form, please submit the following via email to or bring a copy with you upon visiting us at 5701 Leon Tyson Rd. St. Cloud, FL 34771 for your Meet an Greet.
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