Bridging The Grief Gap - Supporters
We are looking for honest, real and raw comments, questions and answers. Please be as open as possible.

We want you to know that your answers will be used anonymously in support of a better understanding between the bereaved and the supporters in their lives.

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What do you find the most challenging in supporting the bereaved?
Where are you unsure in your supporting role?
What questions do you have in regards to bereavement, grief and loss?
What thoughts, ideas and beliefs do you have and hold in regards to bereavement, grief and loss?
What puzzles you on the topic of grief?
What’s your deepest wish for the bereaved person you support? (Besides ‘having the lost person back’)
If only I knew {....} then I would be able to better support them.
If I’m really honest, I just wish they ... *they = the bereaved
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If I’m really honest, I ...
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