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I am constantly working on adding new features and improving the "Bokeh simulator & depth of field calculator" available at I would like to get some feedback from you to be able to better suit your needs. Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion.
How did you get to know about the simulator?
What is your main interest when using the simulator?
How would you describe your photography/video skills?
Is photography your main source of income?
How often do you use the simulator?
What do you use the simulator for?
Do you use the offline version?
If there was an iOS version of the simulator, would you use it?
Which new feature would you like to see in the simulator most?
How would you rate the ease of use of the simulator?
Extremely difficult
Very easy
How would you rate the speed/performance of the simulator?
Very slow
Very fast
How would you rate the accuracy of the calculations?
Very inaccurate
Very precise
What do you think is the biggest strength of the simulator?
Your answer
What do you think is the biggest weakness of the simulator?
Your answer
Do you have any additional comments, ideas etc.?
Your answer
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