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Thanks for your interest in Japanese classes at Macalester. Please use this form to give us information about yourself and your Japanese learning background. We will use your answers to determine which placement exam is most appropriate.
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1) Please describe where and how long you studied. Please also indicate with as much detail as you can which textbooks you have used, as well as which volumes and how many chapters you covered of that textbook). Eg. 2019-2020, High school, 1 year, Genki vol. I, Chapters 1~6. Also, if you have taken AP or IB(SL/HL) exams, please write your results.
2) Are there any native Japanese speakers in your family? Does anybody in your family speak Japanese? If so, do you talk with them in Japanese?
3) Have you ever been to (or lived in) Japan? If so, when, and for how long?
4) Are you planning to major/minor in Japanese or Asian studies?
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