NY Criminal Record Sealing Inquiry Form

Under THE new § 160.59 of New York’s Criminal Procedure Law, courts CAN seal:
• up to two convictions (only one of which may be a felony)
• APPLIES TO all crimes other than sex offenses, class A and violent felonies,
• 10-year period runs from LATER OF the date of conviction or release from prison.
• Sealed records will remain available to law enforcement & some licensing agencies but will be unavailable to the public.

Looking to hire a lawyer to help you apply to seal your record? We can help!

This form is not intended to create an attorney/client relationship. Please do not assume that because you filled this form out, you or a loved one is represented by an attorney. This form will be sent to a criminal lawyer at Oeser-Sweat, P.C. for evaluation of your case and situation. For more information please visit http://www.centralbooking.info or http://oesersweat.com/practice-areas/new-york-criminal-lawyer/.

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