YouTube Video Review Campaign
This is the form for submitting your entry to our YouTube review bounty campaign

* Must have registered account in []
* Must join our Telegram Group [ ]
* Must have a minimum of 100 subcribers in your Youtube channel.
* Must have your Youtube account , subscribers and videos set on Public.

Step 1 - Record a positive, meaningful review of HourlyMiner (Minimum 3 min of length);
Step 2 - Post your review on YouTube, Write about Hourlyminer ,support ,bounty program, mining plans and profits. with at least 100 words with your referral link along with the #HourlyMiner #CryptoMining #GreenEnergy hashtags as video description.
Step 3 - Send us the link to your video review.

Rules :
* Maximum of 1 account on for each user .
* Your review must be original. It's forbidden to copy content, text, visuals etc. from other reviews in any format.
* We can reject your review for various reasons: poor video/sound quality, plagiarism, fake audience activity, etc.
* We will consider key points like, duration, number of views, likes and comments, and video & sound quality for paying a reward.
* Video review must have mentioned Hashtags and referral link on video description.
* Video must contain a HUMAN voice . Videos without your voice wont be accepted

Reward :
Earn from $2.5 to $1000 per accepted submission .
Rejected entries will have no rewards.
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