HMCC Detroit Church Plant Team Recommendation Form
Hi! You have been asked to fill out a recommendation form for someone who is applying to the HMCC Detroit Church Plant Team. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form carefully and prayerfully. It is HMCC's responsibility to select qualified applicants and your input is important in this selection process. Please feel free to be completely honest. This recommendation form will be absolutely confidential and will not be seen by the applicant.

The deadline for this recommendation form is Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 11:59 PM.

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Relationship with Applicant
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Have you yourself ever participated in a missions project or church plant? *
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Applicant Assessment
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Works well with others
Spiritual maturity
Interpersonal skills
Teachable heart
Leadership skills
Cross cultural relationship building skills
Follows directions well
Ability to handle uncertainty
Devotional life
Emotional stability
Ability to take correction
Short Answer
Describe where the candidate is and how they have has grown spiritually. What indicators lead you to these conclusions? *
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Describe the greatest strengths that you have observed in the candidate. *
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Describe the greatest weaknesses that you have observed in the candidate. *
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Describe your assessment of the candidate's ability to build relationships with people who are very different from them. *
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Describe your assessment of the candidate's internal vs. external motivation. *
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Is there anything in the applicant’s life that you feel would be a hindrance for the church plant team? *
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Do you have any other additional comments that would help us with our selection?
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