The Plan
One World of Wonder™ is proud to introduce our flagship product Theatre™. At this time we are seeking those willing, brave souls interested in the unknown. Adventurers of sorts! Early Access Beta Phase of our product is just beginning! We have tested our platform with a handful of internal engineers and designers internally for over the past 5 years during early Alpha. The plan now is to introduce the product to 100's of users in our current Beta Test Phase.

If you have a Windows 7+ PC with at least 4Gigs of RAM and an active Internet connection you may be the person we're looking for!

Software Client Download Link:

The Open Beta for Theatre™ has already begun. We are currently on the lookout for Virtual World Staff Members! Just look for Mercury or Demeter (The Oracles of Island Cavalier) while in-world.

Please fill out this form to show your interest in participating. You will receive all of our products free of charge for a life-time. And what will remain are memories and lasting relationships in our digital dream-scape called Island Cavalier.

Position's we are currently seeking to fill:

1. Player (Level 1 Without Moderation Abilities)

2. Archangel (Level 2 Moderation Abilities) [Seeking 10]
+ Can Mute players in game
+ Can Kick players from the server
+ Can make announcements

3. Oracle (Level 3 Moderation Abilities) [Seeking 3]
+ Can Mute players in game
+ Can Kick players from the server
+ Can make announcements
+ Can create objects in the game
+ Can delete objects in the game
+ Can modify objects in the game
+ Can create regions in the game
+ Can modify scene music files in the game

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