Cuddle Cot Donation
This form is to help us get started on honoring your loved angel baby to our next Cuddle Cot placement. We are honored to include them on this precious device that provides the gift of time to newly bereaved families.
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Your name, and relation to the angel baby/s: *
What is the best number to reach you at? *
We may or may not call you, depending on if we have questions.
Name/s of the baby/ babies being honored, exactly as you wish them to appear on the Cuddle Cot: *
Our program offers "per family" so you may list all of your angel babies.
Are you on Facebook? If not place"n/a", if so please share your name as it appears on Facebook: *
Please join our cuddle cot contributors group so we can better assist you in fundraising and also to keep in touch. Copy and paste this link into your web browser and request to join:
Will you be fundraising for your donation? *
If so we are here to help step by step! Instructions to come shortly.
If you will not need to fundraise and wish to donate now, how do you wish to do so? *
In other words where can we look for your donation to come through from?
What is your donation amount being sent or your fundraising goal? *
Remember that per our site, we explain that minimum donation for our cuddle cot program is $300. Any less is welcome and we will keep a running total until you reach $300. Every dollar counts! And of course anything over $300 makes a wonderful impact in us placing this cuddle cot sooner, which means more bereaved families who have access to it.
Any specific questions at this time?
Thank you for your submission!
We will review your answers and get back to you on average, 1-5 business days. Please be patient, we are a non-profit ran by volunteer parents to other babies gone too soon. Based on the info above we will send you the info needed to assist you in fundraising, or the info we need to finish adding your child/dren to our next Cuddle Cot. This is a meaningful and involved process. We are honored you are on this journey with us, and appreciate your patience to make this placement.
Health and Blessings,
Sarah Adams
Davin's Mom
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