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So let me start by saying that I'm SO happy you're here on this form and that you followed your heart about joining our team!! I can't wait to learn about you and your WHY behind taking this leap and changing your life!!

You are here for a REASON. SO... LISTEN, something inside you CLICKED with me (who knows what haha) and made you click this don't start second guessing yourself-- this could just CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

My goal is to provide you with the best training possible + mentor towards your goals -- whether they're health related, fitness based, emotional/mental or financial goals.

Please fill out this application so I can get to know YOU, your >>>passions, interests, and what drives you to hustle for what your goals.

I'll be in touch with you shortly {within 48 hours max} and we can talk about HOW YOU CAN CHANGE the lives of others through the power of social media and sharing your story🖤

Your story MATTERS. TRUST ME. Your mess is about to become the MOST AMAZING message for someone just like you --- they need you girl. 100%

-- Alicia🖤
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