PULP: paper art party 2017 Opinion Poll
Tell us what you thought about past PULP events for a chance to win free tickets to next year's PULP: paper art party!

We're community people and we want to make sure the community is always having a rocking party time, which is why we need your input! We want to know what would make this party better, and we also need your help to apply for grants and sponsorship to grow this new annual tradition in Toronto.

(Your information will be handled anonymously and confidentially. All personal information will be kept separately from your email address, which is for draw purposes only.)
Have you ever been to a paper art party? (If not, we're still interested in your opinion to help us throw an event you'll love!)
How were you involved in past PULP: paper art parties?
What was your favourite part about the event? (the bands, the art, the charitable cause...)
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What was your least favourite part about the event?
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Who are some of your favourite DJs in town?
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Would you come to a party that was entirely lounge and conversation, with ambient music?
Would you come to a party that was entirely dance music?
How important is it that the party last beyond midnight?
Not Important At All
Very Important
Would you like to be involved in our party this January?
If you had the opportunity to throw the best party in town, what would you do?
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Do you have any other comments you would like to share with us?
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