We respectfully request that you answer all questions completely and honestly from your heart. Use as much space as you need. This form is confidential and will be seen only by Zen Master e (Ian Paul Marshall).
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Why do you want to become a Dharma Teacher? Please write a detailed and heartfelt statement describing your purpose for participating in this teacher training program. Include why you want to teach Dharma & meditation, where or how you see yourself doing so, and any specifics you may have about your future plans for doing so. *
Are you currently part of a Sangha in your area? If yes please include details of the Teacher, tradition and how long you've been a supporting member. *
A heartfelt connect to the teacher and teaching is important. Do you find that you resonate with Ian's teaching style of heartfelt openness, trust and compassion? A teaching style that doesn't strictly follow "the rules" and looks directly at the heart of a person and holds a Buddha Vision of them until they're able to do so for themselves. *
This training takes commitment. Life will always throw you curveballs - are you still willing to do the weekly readings and assignments in the face of every adversity? (within reason of course) *
Have you taken the precepts? If yes please include the Teacher, your Dharma Name, and date/location. *
Have you taken the Bodhisattva precepts? If yes please include the Teacher, your Dharma Name, and date/location. *
We are looking to gather the Teaching Sangha for at least 1-2 retreats per year - is this something you believe that you'll be able to do? Locations to be determined but our favourite location right now is the Dharma Centre of Canada *
Would you want to help build out additional training programs based on your likes and specialties to help grow this Dharma Teacher Training Program? And if yes do you have any ideas right now on how you'd like to help. *
Have you read the full expectations of a Dharma Teacher listed on this page https://zenawakened.com/dharma-teacher-training/ and agree to do your best to complete and be a noble representative of the lineage? *
You will not be denied the opportunity to attend the training due to your responses to this question, but we may need to ask for additional information: Have you ever been diagnosed with a psychological condition or mental illness?  If so, please describe: *
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