Apply for EnviroLab Asia's Conference Travel Fund
EnviroLab Asia is a 5C initiative that seeks to advance scholarship on environmental issues in East and Southeast Asia. One of the goals of EnviroLab Asia is to build networks of scholars interested in environmental issues in Asia.

5C faculty, staff, or students interested in attending a conference that addresses environmental issues in East and/or Southeast Asia may apply for funding to support the cost of travel. Applicants may be a conference presenter or participant. The fund covers travel costs (airfare, lodging, ground transportation, and per diem) for up to $1,500 per traveler. Upon return, we ask fund recipients to write a brief summary of their experience and how attending the conference added to their scholarship.

We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds, and strongly encourage applicants from the Sciences and/or non-Asian Studies backgrounds to apply.

Application Due Dates: September 14, 2018, October 26, 2018, December 14, 2018, January 25, 2019, March 29, 2019, and May 10, 2019.

Applications will be evaluated based on the guiding principles of EnviroLab Asia, summarized below:
• Create a space for the production of new knowledge about the interaction between nature, the built environment, and human populations in Asia
• Utilize cross-disciplinary approaches
• Encourage 5C exchanges between and across campuses, utilize the current resources at the Claremont Colleges, and/or encourage community-building between and among 5C campus communities
• Increase faculty and students’ capacities to effectively influence debates on environmental issues as well as present innovative solutions to challenges resulting from environmental problems.

If you have any questions, please email Karin Mak, Project Administrator of EnviroLab Asia.

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Will you allow EnviroLab Asia to obtain demographic information (gender, ethnic identity, etc.) from your home college? This will be gathered for statistical purposes to let the funder know more about the population we serve. Demographic information will be gathered after our programs for the academic year have ended.
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