2030 SDGs Game Partners in the UK
This form is for your partnership listing with A Fairer Society and the 2030 SDGs Game.
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How we will use your data
We will store your data on Google and other online services we use such as Kajabi and Eventbrite. We need to do this in order to maintain your listing and keep you involved. We will contact you about the 2030 SDGs Game, the partnership programme, and any related activities or events that we think will help you accomplish your SDG-related goals. You can always quit the partnership programme, and we will take you off the website and stop telling you about what's going on and sending people your way if you do, but we will still keep track of the fact that we have worked with you in the past.
What you will do as a partner
Tell people honestly about your experience of the 2030 SDGs Game, and pass on game invites to people you think will benefit from playing the game. Conduct your business ethically, doing your best to contribute to achieving the SDGs while also taking care of your financial bottom line. Help other people accomplish their SDG-related projects in a way that matches your values and their needs. Change your listing if it needs to be updated.
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