[Virtual NYI] #3 Summer Application
Dates: July 15-30, 2021 (Yes, we open on a Thursday!)

Format: Real-time synchronous mini-courses and lectures/round tables

Topics: • Race & Gender Studies • Art & Society • Critical Media Studies
• Theoretical Linguistics • Cognitive Science

Daily schedule:
9:00 am (NY) / 4:00 pm (St. Pete): Special Events and some courses
10:30 am (NY) / 5:30 pm (St. Pete): Courses and Seminars
12:00 noon (NY) / 7:00 pm (St. Pete): Courses and Seminars
1:30 pm (NY) / 8:30 pm (St. Pete): General Lectures

*$100 registration fee* (waivers available)
Application deadline: June 24, 2021

VISIT OUR WEBSITE for courses, faculty profiles and other info: www.nyi.spb.ru
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To complete your application, please send your CV to us at nyistudents@gmail.com
NB: The SUBJECT of the e-mail letters should say "MaradonaDiegoCV" (use your own name, last name first)
More questions? Contact us at nyistudents@gmail.com
Thank you!
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