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If you are a current PAA member and you'd like to be featured in the "Meet Our Artists" section of the Petaluma Arts Association website with an individual page showcasing your work, please fill out the form below. You can view the "Meet Our Artists" page here:

If there's a type of information below that you'd prefer not to share publicly or if it doesn't apply to you, you can skip over these sections. Apart from your name, none of this information is required and it's up to you if you'd like to include it. For example, if you don't want to share your phone number, leave the question blank and no phone number will be listed on your profile.

To give you a sense of how your information will be laid out, here is Maria Lewis's profile:

As we receive members' information we'll update the "Meet Our Artists" pages, revising old profiles and adding new profiles. The images and information currently on the page were transferred from the old website. If you have an existing profile that you'd like to update, please use this form and fill out any of the fields where you'd like something to be changed.


For updating an existing profile:

To leave things as they are:
• Leave the field blank and any content on your existing profile in that field will be left alone.
Example: If your name is the same.

To replace everything in part of your profile:
• Fill out the field with what you'd like to be there.
Example: Updating your bio with new wording.

To change something specific on your profile:
• Type: "CHANGE" in the corresponding field, followed by what you'd like to change.
Example: Changing where a link points to, for instance if your Facebook or website has a new web address.

To make an addition to what's already on your profile:
• Type "ADD" in the corresponding field, followed by the addition(s).
Example: Adding a link to a new social media profile.

To remove something from your profile:
• Type "REMOVE" in the corresponding field. To remove only select elements, type "REMOVE" and indicate what you'd like to remove.
Example: Removing a link to a blog.

And feel free to indicate if you'd like to add additional images to your profile or change which image you'd like displayed on the main "Meet Our Artists" page.


The email address in the following field is for getting in contact with you if we have questions about putting your profile together. It won't be shared publicly. The "Email" option later in the form is where you can provide an email address that will be shared on your profile.

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Type the file name of the image, example: "redwood.jpg". If you aren't emailing us any images, type "N/A".
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If you'd like to caption your images, list any captions and respective file names here.
List the images' file names with each caption so that the image and caption can be paired correctly, examples: "sunset.jpg - Sunset, 2015, Oil on canvas, 48 x 36 in.", "arches.jpg - Steel Arches, 2016"
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