THS Wind Symphony Application 2018-2019
Apply here for Timberline Wind Symphony for 2019-2020 School Year! Wind Symphony is considered an extension ensemble to the main band program. Wind Symphony will play very challenging music. Students selected for this ensemble are expected to practice regularly and be very proficient on their instrument.
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Marching band is first semester, and everyone participates in Marching Band! Second semester, the band breaks into two groups, Concert Band (which moves to 4th period) and Wind Symphony (remains 3rd period). If you are chosen for Wind Symphony, does your schedule also allow you to enroll in Concert Band? (Participating in both groups where possible in your schedule is very valuable to your band education and will help enrich you as a player) *
Are you already (or are for sure going be) enrolled in Marching Band for 1st semester next year? Marching Band is required for Wind Symphony. *
List any special accomplishments (Superior rating at solo festival, honor bands/orchestras, or other special band awards or experiences).
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A roster for next year will be available by the start of May. Thanks for your interest!
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