Quarantine Workouts
Gentlemen, over the last 2 months coach P has done an outstanding job putting together workouts for you to do while you were at home. I know that most of you were in the same boat and had access to little to no gym equipment. With that being said to stay in somewhat of football shape you should have been competing to your fullest ability to get the job done and "pay the man".

I have a couple questions below that I want you to answer honestly. I will be collecting this data to start designing summer workouts. I expect you to answer these questions honestly, DO NOT sugar coat it, if you didn't put in the work with these workouts than answer truthfully. Some work is always better than none! You will not be punished or looked down upon for answering honestly.
On a scale from 1-5 (5 being the best) how good of shape have you kept yourself in? *
Over the last 2 months on average how many of the daily workouts did you do every week? (5 being the most) *
Is there anything else we can provide to you to make sure you are physically ready for our season?
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