Marshall Volunteer (MFOL Boston)
With more than 60,000 people who plan to attend MFOLB, we are in need of massive numbers of marshalls, medics, and legal observers. We are calling upon individuals, organizations, and communities to support our need to have more than 300 trained volunteers in the streets with us managing our crowds and keeping marchers safe.
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-Marshalls: this requires folks to be able to engage in de-escalating practices, to calmly and safely manage the crowd, insure that intersections, roads, and walkways are safe for marchers to walk over, and that the march continues to move at a smooth pace.
-Medics: this requires folks to be able to treat moderate to serious injuries, respond to any emergencies that happen within the march, and move people to safe spaces along the route if they can no longer participate in the march
-Legal Observers: this requires folks are able to observe and document the march, ensure that people's rights are being protected, and if there are any engagements with police they are being monitored, documented, and that there is a record of what happened.
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