Professional Pathways (Year 10 Options 2019)
This form is your final opportunity to select your Pathway, major and Minor subject options.
By now you should have a very good idea about what you want to study across Year 10 and 11 and beyond.

This is your final choice so take care.
We will review all choices and may discuss with you if we feel the choice you have made is not suitable.

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Across Year 10 and 11, during your Professional Pathway, you will study English Literature & Language, Language Acquisition (continuing the European language you already study), Maths, Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) and the Extended Project Qualification (a research project into something your passionate about).
Step 1: Please select the Professional Pathways and Major you want to pursue. *
Step 2: Please select one additional courses that you would be interested in studying at GCSE level across Year 10 and 11. This needs to be a different subject to the one chosen in Step 1. *
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