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Thank you so much for your interest in joining The Doral Yard!  

We are all about entrepreneurship, interesting new culinary concepts, and high quality products! While we don't currently have spaces available for vendors in our kiosks at The Hub, we do occasionally accept new vendors, and we're always open to trying new products!

From time to time, we do also accept new culinary vendors for pop-up and longer-term opportunities. If you are interested, please fill out this form for consideration and we can keep it on file. We highly encourage interested vendors to visit The Doral Yard and familiarize themselves with the ambience and other offerings.

Joining The Doral Yard is more than securing a place to sell your product. The Yard is composed of an eclectic group of entrepreneurs, creatives and culinary mavericks working together to create a new breed of community. From a stacked events calendar, to our e-mail list, and shared operational and marketing resources – earning a spot in The Yard is a force multiplier for exposure.  
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While we can't reply to every application, we do hold on to them for review as opportunities become available.
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