Howard University School of Law--Degree Self Audit--Fall 2015

Deadline: Friday, February 20, 2015 at Noon


    Degree Self Audit Instructions (3Ls and Rising 3Ls) Each third-year student (expecting to graduate May 2016) or rising third-year student (expecting to graduate December 2016) must complete a Degree Self Audit before the student will be approved to register. Please carefully review the instructions below. Failure to comply with all instructions will result in a denial of approval to register. I. Deadline—Friday, February 20, 2015 at Noon II. Review the Degree Requirements in the Student Affairs Guide, Sections 2-100 thru 2-403 and Sections 4-101 thru 4-104. III. Complete the Online Degree Self Audit Form A. Print a copy of your BisonWeb transcript. B. Using your BisonWeb transcript, complete this Degree Self Audit Form. 1. Be sure that you accurately complete all requested information. 2. Do not leave any items blank. 3. LWIII Credit a. Do not list courses that you are currently taking for LWIII credit. b. If you believe that you have earned LWIII credit, obtain a LWIII Confirmation Form from the Records Office. c. If the Records Office does not have a LWIII Confirmation Form on file, then YOU DO NOT HAVE LWIII CREDIT. i. If you believe this is an error, then you should follow-up with your professor. ii. Even if this is an error, you will not be given LWIII credit until the Records Office is able to provide confirmation. iii. If the Records Office has not provided confirmation, you should plan to take a LWIII course. C. Double-check your form for accuracy. D. Read the Student’s Certification; then initial the certification. IV. Submit the forms by Noon on the deadline date. A. You must submit a hard copy of your BisonWeb transcript to the Office of Student Affairs no later than Noon on the deadline date. Your name must be on the transcript. B. You must submit the online self-audit form no later than Noon on the deadline date. C. Incomplete forms will be returned to the student and will be considered late. D. Inaccurate forms will be returned to the student and will be considered late. E. Forms that are not signed will be returned to the student and will be considered late. F. Students who submit late forms will not be permitted to register on the priority registration date. This means that you will not be able to register before the second-year/rising second-year students. As a result, your chances of getting the desired courses may be decreased. G. There will be no exceptions. V. Pick-up your Permit to Register from the Records Office beginning on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. A. Dean McGahee will review your self-audit forms for approval. 1. Accurately completed forms will be approved for registration. 2. Inaccurately completed forms will be returned to the student. If you have questions regarding your registration course selections, please meet with a member of the faculty or Associate Dean McGahee during posted Advising Hours.