Government Dental College Kottayam-                Faculty feedback on  BDS Curriculum
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1. The course plans and objectives are clearly defined *
2. The course allows for progressive learning- it moves from simple to more advanced concepts *
3. The syllabus design is well structured, achieving a balance between fundamental and advanced topics *
4. The course provides the technical knowledge for a successful career *
5. The course is coupled with practical examples or applications to clarify concepts *
6. The course is comprehensive and covers subject matter *
7. The textbooks, along with the supporting reference materials adequately covers the syllabus *
8. Syllabus is contemporary and need based.
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9. The curriculum has the potential in developing the habit of self learning among the students
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10. The learning outcomes of the curriculum are of global standard.
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11. The curriculum has focus on skill development
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12. Any suggestion to improve the curriculum
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