Ban Appeal Form
-If you plead guilty, there is a possibility of getting a second chance.

-Only send one appeal per ban.

-Do not message staff to ask for someone to look at your appeal.

-If you provide proof that your ban was unfair, the staff member responsible will be looked at.

-You are responsible for your account. If your friend, nephew, mom, or pet rock, did the crime, you will do the time.

-If you have an alt that we know about, it will also be banned. If you try to hide that you have an alt to play on the server, your ban time will restart and your alt will also be banned for the same time

-Your ban will be looked at between 1 to 3 days and a decision will be made. You will know if your appeal was confirmed or denied by receiving a message on discord. If you do not have discord, you will just have to check Minecraft to see if you were unbanned.
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