PNW CKI Chair Position Application
Chair Positions serve to specialize in key aspects of our District’s operations. There are currently four positions open: Kiwanis Family Relations Chair, PNW Movement Chair, PNW Summit 2020 Chair, and District Convention 2021 Chair. A full description of each position is below. The chairs may lead a committee of appointed members from throughout the PNW to assist in carrying out related duties.

Kiwanis Family Relations Chair - focused on building a stronger relationship between CKI, Kiwanis and Key Club through the development of resources, leading workshops, and maintaining communication on the District and local levels.

PNW Movement Chair - this position will develop resources and initiatives that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in CKI and the Kiwanis Family. They will also lead a committee of members to develop bylaws, lead workshops, and select a new District Service Partner.

PNW Summit 2020 Chair - focused on the planning and execution of the Summit, a fall weekend retreat that encompasses service, leadership and fellowship into one. This is the first event of the year and it's a crucial event in uniting our clubs.

District Convention 2021 Chair - focused on the planning and execution of the Convention, a three-day spring conference where members celebrate our District’s achievements, elect new leaders, pass new bylaws, and so much more!

*Chair positions do not hold executive power and are not eligible voting members on the District Board

**Candidates may hold any other executive leadership position/club officer position in CKI in addition to holding office as a District Chair, including Club President.
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