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Note: This place is NOT for ban appeals, requesting a ban to be reversed, or believe the bans are unfair. Please use the ban appeal system for that. This is also NOT a place to report other players. Please use the tickets for that.

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Here are some examples of a bad report.

These reports are bad because they lack specific details, evidence, objective language and is not constructive in any way. They also use emotionally charged language and make unfounded accusations. It does not give the staff any information on what they need to improve or what is actually wrong with the server. These reports are also too sort to be of any use.
Bad reports:
1"This staff member is so unfair. They always side with their friends and never listen to anyone else."
2. "I got banned for no reason. The staff member is obviously biased and should be removed."
3. "This server is terrible! The staff never does anything and just sits around all day! Fix this now! "

Here are some examples of a good report.

These report are good because they provide specific details, evidence, and objective language. They are also focused on the specific behavior or issue that needs to be addressed, rather than attacking the staff member personally. It also describes how the player felt, provides feedback on how the staff can improve, and all in a polite and respectful in tone.

Good reports:
1"I had an issue while playing on the server, and I reached out to [name here] for assistance. However, I found their behavior to be unprofessional and unhelpful. They did not seem interested in helping me solve my problem, and their responses were dismissive and rude. I would appreciate it if you could ensure that your staff members are trained to provide proper assistance to players and maintain a friendly and helpful demeanor."
2. "Hi, I wanted to bring to your attention an issue I encountered on the server. I was playing with some friends and we noticed that there were a few players using hacks to cheat. We reported this to [name here], but nothing was done. When I brought it to their attention, they were also being snarky about it. I think it would be helpful if the staff responded in a more polite and friendly manner."
3. "Hello, I had a negative experience with [name here] recently and wanted to share my feedback. While I was playing, I asked [name here] for some help with a problem I was having, but they were unresponsive and seemed disinterested in helping me. I felt frustrated and disappointed with the lack of support. I would appreciate it if the staff were more attentive and responsive to player needs."

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